Innosilicon's AI Boosting HMC memory chip is applicable for high speed and bandwidth and high-performance storage fields such as AI edge, data center, automation, etc.

This HMC memory embeds AI operation instructions and implements edge side onsite calculation and storage. It adopts different serdes technology to expand data transmission from PCB board wire distance to far-field and near-field transmission. In addition, based on the HMC2.1(Hybrid Memory Cube) protocol, the chip integrates GDDR6 IP and Samsung or Micron’s SIP Memory Cube on a die. For Xilinx and Altera's FPGA using the HMC1.1 protocol, Innosilicon's HMC memory chip can be a perfect substitution for the latest products in the market.

Innosilicon's AI Boosting HMC Memory brings high efficiency to a new level. With Innosilicon's innovation, the chip architecture can achieve this high efficiency, making the memory chip as efficient as an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC).

Product with AI Boosting HMC Memory(16 lane serdes)